Our experienced team is specialized in Lead generation and Installs

With our advertiser, publisher, and agency clients, we at Hash Ads are dedicated to creating long-lasting relationships based on respect, trust, and performance that has been demonstrated. We work hard to you the best possible service, and we pay close attention to what you need. We respect the brands of our clients and are dedicated to ensuring brand quality and campaign compliance throughout all of our advertising campaigns.

Specialize In.

CPL (Cost Per Lead)

We supply high quality of leads through our Inhouse HQ traffic sources as well as you will get Direct and Converting campaigns from number of Clients.

CPI (Cost Per Install)

You may locate all the newest mobile apps from us thanks to one of the Old and Gold promotion methods for mobile campaigns. We know how to provide the installs while reaching its KPI’s, ROI, and ROAS.

Traffic Sources

We have Email, Native and Social (FB) traffic as our one of the best traffic sources which we can deliver to the campaigns and the great thing is they are our Inhouse as well as we have Media Buyers to work on it.